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I honestly didn’t know how I was going to overcome the inertia. I have 3 audio podcasts that need to be edited. That part became drudgery, I had played around with the idea of doing something live, like Blogtalk, but couldn’t stand the quality down grade, they release lower quality mp3′s than I like and everything sounds better edited.

When I started up the Tarot Connection, distribution Mp3 was a big deal. Not everyone could get them, I even had people wanted me to accommodate dial-up internet at the time.  Times have changed!When I thought about video I felt the same thrill of adventure that I felt six years ago when I released my first podcast. What a welcome feeling and a long time coming. Last time I looked at non-tape camcorders there were only two on the market and they didn’t look very good.  Times have changed!!!!!!

To chase the thrill, I bought a rocking VIXIA HF M32 Camcorder, which arrived Tuesday. On Friday, I set it up and tried recording for the first time. I went with modifying tarot decks to start with, not because its ground breaking, the last time I blogged about it was 2007, but because I think there was something to be shown visually and I needed to face the learning curve of recording, processing, mixing, and uploading.

I hope you enjoy the first video and plan on making more and am excited to look at other mixed media presentations.

Oh, and I appreciate sound editing much more right now.


2 Comments to “First Video Coming Soon”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Glad you’re back. I’ve really missed the podcasts! This was great. Looking forward to more. THANKS!!!!!!

  2. Linda Says:

    I really like these techniques. I especially like the idea of getting rid of the borders on some of the decks. Robert Place’s Vampire deck is much better without the huge white border, which is interesting because the picture on the box shows it without the white border! I look forward to playing around with altering other decks. Altering them also makes them more personal. Thanks!


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