Episode 106: (Video) Modifying Tarot Decks

That came together faster than expected, 18 hour from first record button to upload. (and I worked an 8 hour day and slept some). I’m still trying to figure out if I want to make this part of the iTunes stream and what resolution to release it out.

You can visit my new YouTube channel by clicking the logo below.

Supply List:

  • 12″ Portable Paper Trimmer by Fiskars – These are available every where. I also have the 9″ which is annoyingly small if you want to trim an 8×11 page.
  • 1/8″ radius Corner Rounding tool from Oregon Lamination
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Elmer’s Painters Gold Metallic Pen [Edges]
  • Sakura Pen-Touch 1.0 mm in Gold and Silver [Writing on Cards]
  • Acrylic Paint (Liquitex Basics Acrylics in Gold and Silver, Liquitex Iridescent Medium) [Decoration]
This is what I’m trying out for distribution of Video, HD for YouTube and you can subscribe to the channel. And a lower res for mobile devices on the iTunes feed. Love to hear your thoughts on this and to see your decks if you modify them.

7 Comments to “Episode 106: (Video) Modifying Tarot Decks”

  1. Sjh Says:

    this is exactly the kind of video i was searching for when i came across your podcast about cutting decks. wish i’d had this too when i modified my first deck. keep up the great work!

  2. wagginit Says:

    I was so glad to see a new post. Having an interest in tarot for many years, but only really working with and studying the cards within the last year, your podcasts have been great listening during my lunch walks.
    Thank you for giving us permission to modify our decks.
    I already know a deck I have that I will be doing some trimming. I was just going to to recolor the edges as one card wore from being on top alot during my studies.
    Thanks for the excellent video.

  3. Domenic Says:

    Nice to hear and now see you again. where the hell have you been.

  4. Jim Creasy Says:

    Glad to hear (and see) from you again. I see that your break from producing new podcasts is yielding fruit. The video and audio quality was great. I look forward to more. (one criticism: either adjust the angle of the cam so that we can see what you are doing with your hands – maybe a cam located on your forehead like a minor’s lamp. LOL. Better yet, a real person holding the camera and following your hands.)

  5. Leisa Says:

    Yeah a camera man would be great to have…

  6. Ruth Says:

    Hi Leisa – I love your podcast, I haven’t quite caught up to this episode, I’m listening to them more or less in order, as far back as I can access, I was just wondering if you planned on continuing to make podcasts, I’d love to see some newer ones!

  7. Kerry Says:

    Hi Leisa – I recently started listening and love the format and the guests. I have listened to everything that is out there, and will be ordering the archived episodes.

    I second Ruth’s question, will you be returning to producing podcasts?


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